Wednesday, March 2, 2011

     The Cataldo Mission is located in Cataldo, Idaho.  A Jesuit father Antonio Ravalli was the architect who designed Cataldo Mission as a replica of traditional Italian cathedrals.  The phenomenon called Cataldo Mission is a testament to the trained skill of Mr. Ravalli as Jesuits and Coeur d' Alene American Indians used very simple tools and lay labor to build the Cataldo Mission.  The dome/apse was an elegant feature of Cataldo Mission attributing European characteristics and nostalgia.  Fabric was obtained at Fort Walla Walla from the Hudson Bay Company and used for decor on the inside walls of Cataldo Mission.  The wooden altars were painted and adorned to give a remarkable similarity to the qualities of marble altars.  The wattle and daub method was used in building the original structure.  The tools available to the builders were axe, auger, pulleys, pen knife, and a whip saw.  This architectural style was known as Greek revival.
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