Wednesday, March 2, 2011

     Father Cataldo is infamously known particularly in Southern Italy where he is especially popular.  In excess of one hundred and fifty churches are dedicated to Father Cataldo in Italy where he is known as Saint Cathaldas.  The latin form of the name Cataldo is Cathaldas.  There is also a town in Sicily named San Cataldo after Father Cataldo.  Father Cataldo was the founder of Gonzaga Jesuit college in Spokane, WA.  The original Cataldo Mission was actually built under the supervision of Father Pierre DeSmet who also coordinated the change of location.  Father DeSmet was a member of Society of Jesus.  It seems as though Father DeSmet did much of the work in the field while Father Cataldo was the Patriarch of the Rocky Mountain missionary work.  This is a statue created in tribute to Father Cataldo.
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 “The country and the American Indians are mainly indebted to the zealous labor of Reverend Father de Smet in establishing all these missions for he truly is the great father of all Rocky Mountain missionaries.” [1
[1] Captain John Mullan USA, Report on the Construction of a Military Road from Fort Walla-Walla to Fort Benton, Washington (City): Government Printing Office, 1863, 53

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